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Estudio sobre usos de Facebook en Chile se publica en revista Observatorio OBS*

diciembre 30, 2022 - Noticias y blog

Un estudio sobre los usos y motivaciones para compartir contenido en Facebook por parte de los jóvenes en Chile, fue publicado en la revista Observatorio OBS*. El trabajo titulado “I always share content to be seen”: Unpacking sociability affordances in youth motivations and strategies for sharing content on Facebook” fue escrito por los académicos Luis Santana, Arturo Arriagada, Carmina Rodríguez y Fernanda Cancino, y se basa en un trabajo cualitativo a través de la realización de 25 entrevistas con usuarios de Facebook entre 18 y 29 años basados en Santiago, Chile. Pueden revisar el abstract del estudio:

Even though, in social media, the term “sharing” is a multifaceted  construct –influenced  by  user motivations, expectations, and social benefits to be gained –there are few definitions that approach it around these terms. We analyze these benefits in terms of what we call sociability affordances -i.e., social  network  site  (SNS)  affordances  that  arise  outside  either  the  merely  material  or  imagined affordances -which enable individuals to take social actions toward social integration and interaction. Semi-structured interviews with young Chileans from three representative social media use typologies showed that each were closely linked with the performance of sharing actions for intrinsic and extrinsic social integration and interaction gains. Coding of interviews found four main sociability  affordances from sharing practices: social visibility; audience engagement; social strengthening and enduring intra-personal communication. This study finds that online sharing behaviors are carefully weighed upon to achieve either factual or imagined social gains